News and Analysis (7/15/20)

After a Muslim employee’s report that George Floyd tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill led to the accused’s murder by police, the store’s Muslim owner says that it “will no longer call the police on customers”:

All opposition parties condemned Erdogan’s decree to shut down “a nonprofit private university known for its high educational standards”:

… while in England, “Prevent strategy appears to have had the effect of discouraging free speech within universities” pressuring students, especially Muslims, “to say the ‘right thing’, or to be quiet” …

… and Amnesty International accuses Iran of “an alarming escalation in use of the death penalty against protesters, dissidents and members of minority groups”:

Israel’s demolition of Zakariyya al-Battik in 1950 have erased its original history and identity; a recovered 700-year old document is a testimonial of the Palestinians’ root in the region:

With the mysterious incidents in Iran now spreading to include ship fires …

… an analyst identifies four “reasons Israel might be waging its shadow war more overtly — which could backfire” …

… but who is behind the hijacking of the oil tanker the U.S. has implicated in a money laundering scheme involving Iran ‘s Quds Force?

Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council said; “the choice of Croke Park is symbolic to Irish Muslims in their dual identity as being both Irish and Muslims”:

“Iran has delayed providing international investigation with the flight’s black box recorder but has reportedly pledged to provide it to French investigators on July 20”:

Jammu and Kashmir are smothered between Covid and Indian repression:

China is more interested in “energy security” than “in cultivating a vassal state in the Middle East”:






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