News and Analysis (10/7/19)

“Sexually violating women, including stopping them from reproducing, has become a weapon for China against its Muslim population’:

Despite accounts from London-based Forensic agency, medical evidence, and eyewitness activists; Israeli officials continue to deny the use of live ammunition that targeted a 10-year-old boy on July 12:

“Excessive force outside the rules of engagement was used and we have begun to hold accountable those commanding officers who carried out these wrong acts”–Iraqi military statement:

“Mr Dehbashi Kivi, a 38-year-old University of Queensland research student, has been allowed to return home to Iran after being detained in Australia for more than a year.”:

A Trump Organization spokeswoman says that the anti-Muslim ACT for America organization “absolutely will not be hosting their event at Mar-a-Lago”:

“Israelis, who had been reassured by Netanyahu that his brilliant plan had put Tehran on the defensive, were surprised to hear that Iran suddenly posed a threat on par with the 1973 Yom Kippur War”:

A US top admiral in the Middle East suggests Iran continued threat absent any intelligence informing his assessment:

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