News and Analysis (10/14/19)

“SAUDI ARABIA MAY be this country’s top arms customer, but we are not their protector and our military forces are not their mercenaries”:

“[A]s the US draws back from the Middle East, the countries of the region are increasingly getting caught up in risky foreign interventions” …

… and even as he defends his Syrian withdrawal, “Trump has endorsed the idea of sanctioning Turkey for its attack on the primarily-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, which allied with the U.S. in the fight against ISIS”:

Iran government spokesman Ali Rabei has said Tehran is `avoiding haste, carefully examining what has happened and probing facts’ into the apparent attack on one of its tankers in the Red Sea on October 11″ …

… as Pakistan PM Imran Khan in a mission to mitigate tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia …

… and “the UAE itself has never pointed the finger of blame at Iran for [the attack on Saudi oil industry]. Instead, it sent navy officers to meet their counterparts in Iran”:

After 70 days incommunicado, Kashmiris get partial relief, but not for Internet, VOIP, landline, or prepaid phone services:

Iran has realised that its inefficient and corrupt managers endanger the political system more than foreign enemies do”:

British Museum highlights the East-West cultural exchange and the Islamic influence in European culture:

A Mossad official was quoted saying that assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, was “Not impossible”:

US steps up trade pressure on China over Uighur oppression:

“Israeli police … in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood … were caught on camera complaining that there was no purpose to an ongoing police operation … other than deliberately provoking … residents” …

… yet, “President Donald Trump’s civil rights chief in the Department of Education, Kenneth L Marcus, it seems, is now leading a campaign to make all US universities Israel-friendly”:

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