News and Analysis (10/17/19)

“The Court rejects a student’s argument that by requiring her to accurately know what belief defines a Muslim the school was forcing her to adopt that belief”:

“Giuliani is not registered as a foreign lobbyist, as he would be required to do if he were being paid to lobby the U.S. government on a policy matter for a foreign interest”:

“Muslims in Kashmir may find themselves in a Xinjiang-style dystopia thanks to Chinese technology and Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalism”:

“During his speech at the Nobel Banquet, Salam quoted the Koran. The film portrays Salam’s unwavering dedication, in the face of testing circumstances, to three things: his physics, his faith and his nationality”:

A 26-year-old Palestinian woman engaged in a rare coexistence between nationalism and feminism:

Kurds “have been loyal U.S. allies and don’t deserve to be slaughtered by Turkey” …

… The history of the intricate political triangle of Iran, Iraq, and Turkish Kurds shows things need not have gone as they have …:

… Now, will the Rojava Kurds Political model influence others in the region?

When the US military withdrawal from the Middle East is the safest path to stability in the region:

A rabbi “wounded in his head and limbs … call[s] ed on the law enforcement agencies to … these violent criminals to justice” to put an end to this “almost daily reality … of the occupation”: …

… as evidenced by IDF violence in support of terrorist settlers:

“NYC Ferry said the incident was a ‘misunderstanding’ and reimbursed the fare for the complainants after “conceding that the proffered reason was false,” according to the complaint …






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