News and Analysis (12/9/10)

Standing by their claim that they killed in self-defense, Israel offers the deceased civilians’ families cash and a “a statement of regret” instead of a mea culpa — if Ankara helps indemnify “the Israeli navy against lawsuits”:

“Derakhshan – nicknamed The Blogfather – started the first Farsi-language blog 10 years ago, the start of Iran’s opposition blogging movement” but has also spoken “out in favour of Iran’s disputed nuclear programme”:

With the collapse of the bi-lateral talks, Abbas has an alternative proposal: alternative to bilateral talks: “international recognition of Palestinian statehood” …

… and Israel has alternative plan, too, another military offensive against Gaza:

American Jew turned “radical Muslim” who co-founded “Revolution Islam” site now claims he never intended to promote violence against civilians:

Health care officials i Afghanistan says claims that a false claim that “85 percent of Afghans that have access to health care” is “undermining efforts to improve health services for Afghans”:






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