News and Analysis (12/15/10)

Afghanis complained Holbrooke was more concerned with their neighbors than them; now his death complicates a war “plagued by unreliable partners, reluctant allies and an increasingly skeptical American public” …

… and the diplomat’s last words to his doctors were,  “You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan”:

Keine Muslime erlaubt!:

“Douglasville Police Chief Joe Whisenant characterized the incident at the time as a miscommunication”:

Paranoid about separatist feelings, Indian police swing clubs at Muslims commemorating “the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein, in the battle of Karbala on Ashura”:

Britain denies conscientious objector status to a Navy medic with an implication that  as an atheist his objection to the killing of civilians in Afghanistan constitutes a political, not moral reservation about the war:






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