News and Analysis (12/17/10)

Anwar is punished “for saying in March ‘1Malaysia,’ a government campaign to promote unity among Malaysia’s ethnic groups, was named after ‘One Israel'”:

By dictating Friday sermons to West Bank imams, Abbas’ government entangles religion and state more than Hamas has ever done and demonstrates contempt for freedom of expression to boot:

“Resuming the negotiations will be conditioned on receiving a serious offer that guarantees an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict”: Arab League Chief Amr Moussa:

The terrorist act is seen as revenge for the government’s execution of the U.S. backed groups’ leader:

Criticized by both Libyan conservatives and Israeli supporters:

The Afghani government’s increasing reputation for corruption may put “regions like Nangarhar Province that have traditionally had a limited Taliban presence … more at risk”:

Two claimants to the Presidency, the U.N., which backs the claim of the Muslim candidate plead for calm as military supporters of the Christian incumbent gun down demonstrators:

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