News and Analysis (12/22/10)

“Even though I personally don’t agree with Shia teachings …,  I cannot accept the approach of the allegedly democratic Malaysian government in denying the people’s right to practice their faith” — Muslim scholar Asri Zainul Abidin:

At first, his parents “‘didn’t understand,’ he says. ‘There were fights and quarrels. But of course they had been very mad at me when I was getting home late and drunk.’ So when … that that stopped, they started, slowly, to come around.

“Prosecutors say the police officers were also responsible for the hosing down of the crime scene, thereby destroying key evidence”:

Recber “was arrested after an anonymous letter was sent to authorities claiming that a suspect in” the Ergenekon “deep state” trials had chosen him to kill Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I:

“The intention of Mr. Gbagbo and the security forces loyal to him is clearly to blockade the United Nations peacekeeping mission and to suffocate the government of President-elect Ouattara. We cannot allow this” — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

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