News and Analysis (12/27/10)

Planting conifers that remind them of the forests of their Eastern European homelands (even as they destroy the native Palestinians’ indigenous olive trees) has been an ecological disaster for the Zionists:

(Be)Coming Home(less):

ElBaredei says Egypt’s growing number of “voices of dissent come from many orientations, … vocations, … parts of society, … different faiths” to demand “accountable and transparent” government, with meaningful checks and balances”:

“Al-Shabab has not yet launched an attack outside Africa but Western intelligence has long been worried because the group targeted young Somali-Americans for recruitment”:

Refugees “have walked for up to four days with little food to neighbouring Liberia, … [a]t least one child drowned while trying to cross a river” and West African troops threaten invasion as the losing incumbent refuses to step down:

The alert came as West African leaders threatened a military intervention if Laurent Gbagbo, almost universally declared the loser of last month’s presidential election, persists in his refusal to step down.

“[A]t least part of the elite has been pushed out, so the ruling circle has become narrower, in terms of ideological orientation” — Farideh Farhi, an Iran expert at the University of Hawaii:

”I’m here today because a moderate Afghani and a moderate Pakistani helped me and it’s important for Americans to know that” — David Rohde:






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