MFI News and Analysis (12/30/10)

“[A]mid a spiraling crackdown on religious groups and government critics,”

Just asking: Is a country whose state-paid clerical officials issue a formal religious ruling against renting or selling to a religious or ethnic minority really a democracy?

U.N. ambassador “Youssoufou Bamba expressed alarm that houses in certain areas were being marked according to the tribe of the person who lives there” …

… it is only the tip of the iceburg of the problem of  the more fundamental problem in African governance:

“Shiite Muslims in Malaysia have made a rare public plea for authorities to let them legally worship amid fears of a clampdown on outlawed religious groups”:

“Israeli security forces have orchestrated a campaign of regular night time arrest raids against Issawiya residents in an effort to halt growing popular resistance to segregation, home demolition and land confiscation”:

“An Iraqi asylum seeker accused of plotting a shooting attack on the Copenhagen office of a newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad was freed Thursday due to an apparent lack of evidence”:

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