News and Analysis (1/3/11)

Israel kills a woman protesting a three year delay in compliance with a court order to restore Palestinians’ access to their farmland:

Allegations of al-Qaeda involvement don’t wash away Egypt’s humiliation at the violence against the Copts:

Has Iran embraced the Western hubris of education as a means of social engineering?

The soccer coach for a Muslim girls team “Shinpads and Hijabs” dreams of becoming “he first female, Muslim, formula one racing driver”:

“While members of the two faiths intermarry and live peacefully in much of the country, political, economic and ethnic rivalries often fuel violence between the two faiths”:

The demonstrator served five months on charges of spitting in the face of the occupier:

Tribal divisions between the Misseriya and the Dinka pose yet another obstacle for a peaceful conclusion to the secession referendum Sudan:

No evidence was presented in support of the charge that Iranian air space has been violated:






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