News and Analysis (10/19/19)

Despite recent hostility between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two regional rivalry sine 1979, the two are systematically measuring their behavior to avoid a military confrontation …

… and Iranian quiet reaction to the October 11 attack on the Iranian tanker shows that Iran wants to de-escalate tension and confrontations:

Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian reached an agreement that is supposed to help the Palestinian overcome the financial crisis as Israel holds millions of dollars monthly from custom duties owed to the PA:

Washington’s interventionists want “the US in Syria indefinitely as proof of our ‘credibility’ to fight everybody’s war … [but] the prolonged war agenda would not seem to do anybody in the region any good, including the US” …

… but Trump’s so-called “withdrawal has so far meant moving soldiers from one part of Syria to another so that Turkish forces could invade” and he says about 1,000 troops “will be sent elsewhere in the Middle East“:

“Izetbegovic outlined three integral views of the world, being the ‘religious’, ‘materialistic’ and ‘Islamic’” and for him, “Islam is the name for the “unity of spirit and matter”, the highest form of which are humans”:

“The US media demonises other cultures and people like Mexicans or Muslims. Iran does this too—both countries use the image of the enemy to distract their citizens from their internal problems”:

The “Trump Organization canceled an event sponsored by a different anti-Muslim group” less than two weeks ago, yet now the Center for Security Policy is scheduled to host “its annual Flame Dinner at Mar-a-Lago”:

“[F]ascists who have developed … a specific way to carry out and publicize the attacks. Eighty-eight people have been killed in these six attacks alone, which have taken place in the United States, Germany and New Zealand”:

Ignore the “America First” slogan, Bibi; Pompeo assures Israel’s besieged PM that this administration will continue to subsume America’s interests to those of the Israeli right:

“How many times did I ignore another group that has been treated badly, and now that it’s me, I’m showing up? That opened my eyes”:






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