News and Analysis (1/27/11)

As protesters persist despite police crackdown, ElBaradei returns to Egypt and demonstrations spread to Yemen and Gabon:

Anwar Ibrahim says Tunisia offers the U.S. “a lesson about the myth that secular tyrants and dictators are its best bet against Islamists. Revolutions … are born of a universal desire for autonomy. The common thread that binds the Iranian revolution and the Tunisian upheaval is the rising discontent of the people after years of suffering under oppressive rule”:

The leaked documents show that not only has the U.S. been “Israel’s lawyer” rather than an honest broker, but “has helped Israel entrench the occupation and sabotaged Palestinian democracy” and the peace process “is all a bluff. Mitchell has no cards up his sleeve, and the other players are no longer even at the table”:

The victim’s cousin told “AFP news agency that the incident occurred as they were farming near their village. He said one of a group of four settlers standing on a nearby hilltop opened fire, hitting Uday [the 18-year-old shepherd] in the chest”:

“The American national told us he … saw motorcycle riders and one pulled out a pistol. The man told us he then pulled out his pistol and fired in self-defense;” a “third Pakistani was later killed in an accident with a car from the US consulate that was sent to aid the employee”:






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