News and Analysis (2/16/11)

Unless the military removes the state of emergency now, why should we believe their promises?

An “under-reported dimension of the Egyptian revolution … suggests a fascinating moment may be upon us, … when both Islam and Christianity (and, one would hope, other religions as well) can experience a shared reformation … against religious fear, intolerance, hatred, and violence”:

“If our rulers give [Raymond Davis] to the United States, Pakistan will come out on to the streets and protest as people did in Egypt” — Imdad Sabir, a Lahori schoolteacher:

“Leaders like Frederick Douglass knew that the hedonist couldn’t be freed, just as the good man can never really be enslaved. There was a reason slave owners tried to enslave their ‘property’ to drink and immorality”:

In Libya, “protests reportedly began after the arrest of Fathi Terbil, who represents relatives of more than 1,000 prisoners allegedly massacred by security forces in Tripoli’s Abu Salim jail in 1996. He was later said to have been freed”:

Previously “thought to be vanquished in 2009,” the Boko Haram is now blamed for targetted killings:

According to human rights organizations, the Muslim minority group has “been subject to extrajudicial killings, forced labor, restrictions on movement and religious persecution  in Burma”:

“God does not remove knowledge by extracting it from [His] servants. Rather He removes knowledge by removing the scholars” — Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

A first-time dissident suggests why Egyptians have abandoned their passivity:






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