News and Analysis (2/17/11)

Younger members of the Muslim Brotherhood “have a lot of street cred [now] within the old guard of the Muslim Brotherhood for pulling the big sleeping giant that is the Muslim Brotherhood into this demonstration”:

“It would be a huge mistake for American foreign policy to equate a ‘freedom agenda’ with secularism and rule out the possibility that there is just as much, if not more, dynamism in the Islam of young Muslims around the world as there is among those who self-identify as secular”:

With three dead, a potential uniting of “the Shiite underclass with middle-class Sunnis tired of the status quo” may force “the Al Khalifah dynasty … to cede more power to the people, or use greater force to suppress dissent”:

Qaddafi “has always insisted that the country is run by a series of people’s committees, though most outside observers believe it is a police state with him firmly in control”:

The context of the persecution of Afia Siddiqui makes the disposition of the Raymond Davis case all the more dangerous for Pakistan:

“The problem isn’t that Fox News viewers hear a lot of negative things about Islam, it’s they hear a lot of false things about Islam”:

Pardon the double negative, but Iranian sate television says the cancellation of the passage of two warships through the Suez canal has been canceled and the maneuver has been rescheduled:

Is the military’s promise to repeal the emergency laws credible as long as it leaves the state of emergency in effect?

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