News and Analysis (2/21/11)

The disastrous speech by Qaddafi’s son in which he simultaneously asserted that the death tolls have been exaggerated even as he threatened the eradication of his father’s enemies has not stopped the spread of the opposition, with the resignation of senior officials and rumors of Qaddafi’s flight:

Iranian hypocrisy on the people’s right to demonstrate …

… is matched by American hypocrisy on Israeli settlements …

… which has prompted Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad to offer an olive branch to his Hamas rivals:

A spokesman for Sudan’s ruling party insists that Bashir “is not under pressure” and his decision not to run for re-election “is happening because of the political strategy of the NCP to broaden participation”:

Modernizing reformer Ghulam Mohammed Vastani handed his opponent’s a weapon against him when opponents interpreted his assertion that Muslims were prospering in Gujarat “as praise for Gujarat’s chief minister … accused of stoking an anti-Muslim rampage that killed about 1,000 people in 2002”:

A former CIA analyst warns us against marginalizing a popular adversary to al-Qaeda:

Calling for the lifting of the draconian emergency law is on Cameron’s agenda:

“[F]or all the importance of religion in their lives, 65 percent of poll respondents said religious leaders should stay out of government”:






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