News and Analysis (3/1/11)

Despite continuing resignations over the direction of developments in Tunisia:

As protestors, government dispute whether Mousavi and Kourrabi are in jail or under house arrest:

Despite the fact that Gaddafi’s opposition has “seized about half of Libya’s coastline, including a number of major cities in the east” …

… and continue to hold Zawiyah in the west …

… the delusional leader of the four-decades-old revolution continues to insist that the only opposition comes from al-Qaeda and their doped-up dupes:

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi called for more democracy in his LSE Ph.D.dissertation, but the university is taking seriously allegations that the work was plagiarized:

When Hadiya AbdulSalaam complained that her family was being unfairly broken up by a biased official, the agency “”disbelieved anything Mrs. AbdulSalaam said that [the accused bureaucrat] contradicted”:






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