News and Analysis (3/3/11)

Not to be outdone by his Muslim counterparts, the Christian dictator of Ivory Coast shoots into crowds of demonstrators and deprives half his country of water and electricity:

Asked to issue a fatwa against the demonstrations, the Saudi shaikh instead rules against Gaddafi, “saying it was ‘a religious obligation’ to fight oppressors and to provide medical and humanitarian help for the protesters: and that those ‘who died trying to liberate their country from dictators were “martyrs”‘” …

… Meanwhile, the rebels reject peace negotiations and soldier-turned-rebel Nasr Ali demands America return to Bush-era interventionism, shouting, “”Bring Bush! Make a no fly zone, bomb the planes”:

The Mubarak appointee is replaced by former Transport Minister Essam Sharaf whose visit to “anti-Mubarak protesters in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square … endeared him to the youth groups behind the opposition movement”:

21-year-old postal worker admits to attack that killed two American soldiers:

Laws “to criminalize a minority religion, formal government investigations into disloyalty from a minority group, violent attacks on their place of worship, and the intensity of the hate-mongering evidenced by [a] disgusting video” are reminiscent of — what?

As freedom of religion slips away in Indonesia …

… even David Horowitz is now concerned the same may be happening to the First Amendment in America:







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