News and Analysis (3/7/11)

As Tunisia presses forth with serious reform …

… the Egyptian military continues its repression by enforcement of the emergency laws (aided by “armed civilians’), and opposition leaders object to elections “held before numerous amendments including amending the law on elections, abolishing the committee for political party affairs, and” reform of the state-run media:

As Iraqis demonstrate regret over their most recent attempt at free and fair elections, waving “”fingers dipped in red ink for anger – a parody of the purple-stained fingers they proudly displayed last year as proof that they had voted on election day” …

… Guineans find “catastrophic management of the transition killed the Guinean economy”:

As demonstrators protest the convening of the King hearings for singling out Muslims and ignoring other targets of terrorist recruitment such as chairman the hearings (with his history of contextualizing IRA violence) …

… President Omaba’s assistant argues, “The most effective voices against al Qaeda’s propaganda are other Muslims”, exemplified by the fact that “Muslim Americans have been so concerned about extremists in their midst that they have turned in people who turned out to be undercover informants”:

As Libyan war planes fight off the rebel advance, Britain is flustered by witness reports that “a small British diplomatic team” sent to make contact with the rebels “were found to be carrying weapons, ammunition, maps and passports from four different countries”:

200 demonstrators indicate continuing support for the position that the university discipline of the “Irvine 11” was sufficient and criminal prosecution by the state is inappropriate and excessive:






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