News and Analysis (3/9/11)

When a woman quoted Qur’an to a man to prove that a woman could be president of Egypt, his rebuttal was to grope her:

The violence between Muslims and Copts that started with a church-burning over an interfaith romance accelerates as an estimated 140 are wounded:

Westerners know them as “salons” from the French word, but they started thousands of years ago in Egypt and were adopted by the Muslim middle class in 9th century Baghdad under the name of “mujalasat (“sitting down together”):

As the fighting intensifies, deaths are reported; Gaddafi continues to blame foreigners

… and Defense Secretary Robert Gates wanrs of the ramifications of implementing a no-fly zone:

One witness considers the founding documents of Islam to be intolerant, but at least three others question the premise that Muslims are uncooperative in the fight against terrorism, a fifth counsels Somali-American youth against radicalization, and a sixth “is critical of the FBI for ignoring what he says were signs his son was potentially dangerous”:

Not surprisingly, the promoters of [Oklahoma’s] legislative campaign know next to nothing about sharia”:

As the Tunisians undemocratically ban the old regime from future political involvment …

… the democratic uprising spreads:






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