News and Analysis (10/21/19)

When Tehran became a haven for both Jewish and Catholic Polish refugees coming from Soviet Central Asia in World War II:

At least four died and fifty were injured from “clashes with police that broke out over a social media post. A derogatory remark about the Prophet Muhammad prompted scores of Muslims to take to the streets”:

“The Muslim Council of Hong Kong has appealed for calm, saying the city’s biggest mosque was not police’s intended target when their water cannons sprayed its entrance with blue dye on Sunday”:

Iran announces the secondary part of the Arak heavy water reactor facility to be operational as early as the next three weeks, adding that the circuit will not violate the world nuclear program deal:

“Police and Israeli army say no arrests were made because assailants managed to flee the scene” …

… but when Israeli settlers “beat Palestinians or damage their property, no effective investigation is conducted. Even worse, soldiers are often filmed watching such violence from a distance without getting involved”:

The story of this woman who took care of herself emphasizes the view that Islamic women should rely “on God and not on men” and on the pilgrimage “men and women alike … follow in the footsteps of a brown slave woman”:

A local prayer leader says his fellow imams “should care and take care of the community, fix the problems in it and unfortunately, domestic violence is a part of that”:

Insisting the regional “tension is not sectarian … [but] rather … a power and influence struggle in the region” Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lolwah al-Khater said regional issues must be resolved by regional actors …

… but despite signs of improved relations between Iran and the United Arab Emirates …

… Israel thinks that the Gulf states with which it is meeting are more interested in confronting Iran than in defending Palestinians:






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