News and Analysis (3/21/11)

Has Amr Moussa realized too late that he has let the colonial powers in through the back door of the “no-fly zone?”

An ex-marine told “Spy or you don’t fly” is only one of 450,000 never charged with anything still on the FBI’s consolidated terrorist watch list who have been jailed, been restricted in travel, or have had “reputations destroyed” and “[l]awsuits filed by suspects since 2006 have pried millions of dollars in settlements from the government”:

Hamas says their first mortar attack since the Gaza invasion ended “was a response to an Israeli airstrike on a Hamas military camp Wednesday that killed two people,” but the Israeli press suspects the motive was political rather than military:

Saleh has been in power longer than Mubarak, but “defections and resignations were apparently sparked by Saleh’s decision to resort to violence to deal with protests against his rule”:

As Westerners intervene on behalf of the rebels in Libya, Gbagbo’s followers brand supporters of the winner of the Ivory Coast elections as rebels and chant “We will kill them now”:

Four journalists detained by Gaddafi loyalists for “traveling through the rebel controlled eastern region of Libya without visas” are now at the Turkish embassy on their way home, but three others remain missing:

“Of all the Arab states, Syria was considered one of the least likely to experience the convulsions that have roiled the Arab world in the past two months,” but as thousands march in Deraa, it appears that security forces’ crackdown is only fueling more demonstrations and observers wonder:

While many complain the changes do not go far enough and some fear “the established parties stand to gain the most from holding an election” as early as September, “77% of voters in Saturday’s referendum backed the changes”:

American graduate of al-Azhar says, “I actually started studying Shari`ah, I started realizing that, wow, I got this wrong and I really need to be comfortable with who I am and embrace who I am as a person”:






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