News And Analysis (10/23/19)

Have Lebanon’s decades-long and now Iraq’s sectarian power-sharing systems come to hamper democracy?:

Trump is not pulling U.S. troops out from the Mideast, he is just strategically relocating them around the ragion:

Education is a victim of politics, as Iranian students’ visa application revoked:

A survivor of China’s concentration camps “was forced to watch as other Muslim women were gang-raped by guards; she says that inmates who expressed disgust or outrage were led away and never seen again” …

… yet Indonesia’s two largest Muslim groups are still undecided whether China is engaged in human rights abuses or just reasonable measures against separatism:

Despite the persecution they face from bigots who mistake them for Muslims, “Sikhs … have consistently refused to throw the Muslim community under the bus by simply distancing themselves from Islam”:

“An initial investigation by the government revealed that … Baddya’s Facebook account had been hacked by Muslim attackers, who then blackmailed the 25-year-old before posting the blasphemous comments”:

Notwithstanding Trump’s professions that Saudis should pay for their own defense, Esper wants to bill NATO for defense of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region:

“Settlement leaders ignore violence by settlers against Palestinians and even policemen, denouncing it only when the people attacked are soldiers”:

“The Palestinian Authority is afraid that the press exposes corruption, which may lead to a popular explosion similar to what is happening in Lebanon’” — Ahmad Zoabar, union representative:






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