News and Analysis (3/28/11)

After capturing two oil refineries the rebels face the challenge of taking Gaddafi’s home town on their road to Tripoli:

While Islamophobes are distracted by their paranoia over the conservative Muslim Brotherhood, real extremists are making inroads in Egypt and talking about politics for the first time:

The Egyptian military promises to lift the state of emergency before September elections, and, like so many Egyptians, Salwa al-Housiny Gouda trusted them–but now she says they arrested and raped her in a scenario evocative of Iman al-Obeidi’s headline-making charges against the Libyan regime:

Officials say that the factory “was briefly taken over by Islamic militants and then looted by residents of the area”:

”They are waging a war of propaganda,’ said a 32-year-old Syrian. ‘I am scared that many will choose to believe it. Meanwhile, it makes those who realise just angrier and less willing to accept anything they say’”:

Even “Israel is watching the unrest with some trepidation” since for all its hostility, at least the regime has been predictable:

“Before the 2011 revolutions, I never saw reflections of myself in the media portrayal of Muslim women” — Uzma Mariam Ahmed:

It has its limits, but the plan brings health insurance to working poor the governments has been unable to cover, and it will reach the break-even point once 75,000 people have signed up:

Village doctors are accused of cover-up in case of fatal extra-legal prosecution and punishment of a 14-year-old girl; seven people, including the man alleged to have seduced her are among those arrested:

After stealing his merchandise and throwing Bouazizi to the ground with the aid of her two accomplices, the female police officer slapped his face as he “wept with shame” and cried out, “Why are you doing this to me? … I’m a simple person, and I just want to work”:






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