News and Analysis (10/25/19)

One demonstrator says, “The current system has done nothing for us,” and another, a lawyer, calls for a new constitution”:

“It’s been over six months since the defendants, including the FBI, the Departments of Justice, State and Homeland Security, received the FOIA request, without a single disclosure”:

Tragedies deepen Jewish-Muslim bonds to fight hate crimes:

Media Anti-Muslim rhetoric fuels bullying and hate crimes in schools …

… and anti-Muslim hate crimes inspired Muslim students to turn to programs that provide the tools to be successful leaders:

In addition to outreach to Muslim voters and a balanced view on the Palestinian issue Sanders is the first major party presidential candidate to appoint a Muslim campaign manager:

The abrupt U.S. withdrawal leaves Syrian Kurds to turn to Baghdad, Tehran and Moscow for help against the Turkish invasion though they are no more inclined towards Kurdish self-rule than Istanbul or Washington …

… as Trump pushes “uncompromising unilateralism, the rest of the world has made clear its desire for a rules-based order grounded in multilateralism, as evident in efforts to save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal”:

“Though Washington and Tehran are at odds in many other places, their interests are not mutually exclusive in Afghanistan”:

Two very different Muslim women challenge gender stereotypes through art:

“Imagine having to crawl on all fours to get to a university lecture on time — and you’re the professor. Well, it happened in Nablus”:

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