News and Analysis (3/30/11)

Minaret of Freedom Institute president Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad explores:

With the rebel loss of “the key oil port of Ras Lanuf and the nearby town of Bin Jawad,” their “full retreat from Brega” and “the rebel-held town of Misrata … still … under attack from pro-Gaddafi troops,” we need to ask:

Until now few have “called on Assad to step down,” instead focusing on the demand for  “reforms, annulling emergency laws and other stringent security measures and an end to corruption;” will that change now that Assad “failed to mention any” reforms …

… excusing his regime’s brutality with the typical socialist excuse, “We can sometimes postpone (dealing with) suffering that emergency law may cause … But we cannot postpone the suffering of a child whose father does not have enough money to treat him.”

Court rejects Wilders’ claims that malicious falsehood should be protected political speech if its spoken in The Hague:

Deputy Sheriff Sherif Morsi has worked for years to overcome “the negative perception about law enforcement” many immigrant Muslims bring from their home countries that “the police is just an extension of an oppressive regime”:

“Actions that prejudge the outcome of the process must stop, including Israel’s continued settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which is illegal under international law and which contradicts the road map” — Ban Ki-moon:

It is unclear “if the pro-Ouattara forces who have been spotted in Yamoussoukro have met any resistance,” but in “Abidjan, the UN says attacks on civilians by pro-Gbagbo youths have continued”:

More details emerge on the Egyptian interim constitution:

Awlaki welcomes the no-fly zone, saying “”In Libya, no matter how bad the situation gets and no matter how pro-Western or oppressive the next government proves to be, we do not see it possible for the world to produce another lunatic of the same caliber of the Colonel (Gaddafi)”:






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