News and Analysis (3/31/11)

While debate continues over the size of the al-Qaeda presence among the Libyan rebels, one thing is certain: “Gen. Khalifa Haftr, the self-proclaimed commander of the Free Libyan Army,” is a defector from the Libyan army who lived in the U.S. until his recent return for an appointment “to lead the rebel army earlier this month:

As the rebels continue their retreat, Gaddafi’s confidant and former intelligence chief has defected to Britain, but the rebels want him back:

Syrians and Yemenis both get more empty promises …

… but in Yemen the protesters now number hundreds of thousands and an influential opposition leader says Saleh “should leave power,” and should leave the country with his family “for their own safety”:

The boy “had repeatedly harassed and attacked the girl over the last two months, and yesterday he allegedly shoved her to the ground, punched her, kicked her, and tried to pull off her hijab while asking, ‘Are you a Muslim?’”:

The “police identified the bomber as a local student,” but in the wake of the Raymond Davis scandal, “the killed politician’s party leadership pointed the finger at the US and at the Pakistani government”:

In Malaysia, Muslim versions of Terry Jones work for the government, but they don’t burn Bibles — they just stamp them “For Christians only”:

Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo’s army chief has sought refuge at the home of South Africa’s ambassador in Abidjan” just as the elected President’s forces, having already taken the capital, are about to enter the country’s main city:

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad comments on Donald Trump’s speculation that Obama’s birth certificate may identify his religion as “Muslim“:






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