News and Analysis (10/24/07)

“The president has asserted the power to designate any organization or individual he chooses, here or abroad, without formal charges, a trial or hearing of any kind; without a statement of reasons; and on the basis of secret evidence. While full-scale criminal protections are not necessary, surely groups should be afforded a meaningful opportunity to defend themselves before they are shut down.”—David Cole, Georgetown law professor

Afghan women are tapped to enter into the national police force, however security concerns, cultural pressure and corrupt mismanagement are significant barriers to expanding female presence within the force:

Three years after the massacre of Muslim protesters in southern Thailand that ignited a bloody ethno-nationalist insurgency, the Thai government has failed to bring any of the perpetrators to justice:

Israel announces its plan to collectively punish Gazan Palestinians by gradually cutting off its electricity and fuel supply:

While Blackwater and other mercenaries will be held to new rules demanding greater transparency and accountability, a State Department report finds that there are far too few officials in charge to provide adequate oversight of such firms, in spite of the ballooning number of contracts:

“The suicide bombers who attacked Benazir Bhutto’s convoy as it traveled through Karachi managed to kill 140 people and injure more than 550. But their real targets were free and fair elections… The bombers failed to kill Bhutto, but they may have succeeded in paralyzing Pakistan’s political process.”—Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani journalist


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.






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