News and Analysis (4/25/11)

Despite lifting of emergency laws and Assad’s personal promise to end the bloodshed, reports of Syrian violence against civilians escalate:

This is liberation? “Our churches have become like prisons” — Monsignor Pious Casha,  Our Lady of Salvation:

“[T]he entire political wing of the prison was emptied of inmates. These had been ferried off to “secure destinations” by a fleet of cars the Taliban had organised”:

The “former Marine reservist and registered Republican, has been largely immune to the innuendo that has caused other politicians to distance themselves from Muslims post-Sept. 11. He has bucked the hard-line law enforcement approach of security checks and surveillance in favor of outreach and cooperation”:

“[M]ost of the 172 remaining prisoners have been rated as a ‘high risk’ of posing a threat to the United States and its allies if released without adequate rehabilitation and supervision,” but so were “an even larger number of the prisoners who have left Cuba … before they were freed or passed to the custody of other governments”:

The crown prince hopes the Prince of Wales will “will accept my wholehearted apologies — and those of the Kingdom of Bahrain — but also recognise the circumstances and deep sense of responsibility in which they are proffered;” I’m afraid we do:

A failed assassination bombing?

“There are many interfaith Seders but I am not aware of any, anywhere in the world where a mosque, a large important mosque, any mosque like the ADAMS center has actually hosted a Passover Seder” Andrea Barron, Washington Area Jews for Jewish Muslim Understanding:






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