News and Analysis (10/27/19)

Trump thanked “Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, as well as Kurdish fighters in Syria for their support”:

When the Fourth Amendment is not observed when it comes to citizens from the Middle East:

Would the Mardi Gras of 2023 shine light on the extent of the acceptance of the idea of queer among Muslim communities:

Why Bernie Sanders enjoys wide supports among Muslims community:

In Pakistan political Islamists plan a million person march to protest reform of the Islamic schools …

… while in Britain Islamic schools top the list of best schools, proving that with hard work and dedication, all children can achieve their utmost:

Her fastest 5K of the season didn’t count because her coach failed to submit” a religious exemption waiver, and officials failed to give her a warning as required by the OHSAA’s cross country rule guidebook:

Would lifting sanctions on Iran empower Tehran and pave the way for a strong ally for creating stability in the region and eliminating the role of Russia in the area?:

Malaysia to open embassy in Jordan accredited to Palestine:

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