News and Analysis (5/9/11)

Under the State Homeland Security Program and Urban Areas Security Initiative, taxpayer money is made available for hate groups posing as national security consultants “to promote Islamophobic conspiracy theories that demonize  mainstream Islam and Muslims communities” at what are supposed to be training seminars for security professionals:

A man who claims “that his wife, whom ‎he said had converted to Islam seven years ago, was kidnapped inside Saint Mina Church in ‎Imbaba” is among those arrested:

“150 imams at the conference didn’t have to look hard to find examples of alleged discrimination against members of their faith. … Exhibit A at the eighth annual conference of the North American Imams Federation was what happened to” to two attendees en route to the conference:

As a “former member of Lashkar-e-Taiba” prepares to testify of ISI involvement in the Mumbai attacks in Chicago, Pakistan’s PM denies allegations of incompetence or complicity in bin Ladin’s residency and promises “Pakistani officials will investigate why bin Laden went undetected while hiding virtually in plain sight in a military town,” but …

“His death comes as our economy is in shambles and America could use a renewed sense of patriotism. Will the threat of counter-attacks push the US into war?”

Gambling man? Obama proceeded with the raid believing there was 45% chance that he was wrong:

The decision “to prevent any groups from building on their allotted portions” and “both Hindu and Muslim groups had appealed against it”:

“By early afternoon, scores of women were demonstrating in Banias, demanding the release of hundreds of detained men who were being held at the city’s soccer stadium”:

“The Guardian newspaper said 61 of the 72 people on board the boat died of hunger or thirst, despite being spotted by a military helicopter and Nato ship”:






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