News and Analysis (11/4/07)

Under the pretext of security interests, Musharraf invokes “Emergency Rule”, but uses his de-facto martial law powers to crackdown on the political opposition instead:

As part of a move to avoid further legal setbacks and perhaps finally close the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison, the Bush administration decides it wants to start following the Constitution by allowing federal civilian judges to decide where detainees should be tried and giving prisoners the right to legal representation…

…meanwhile former military lawyer Evan Wallach provides historical examples from WWII, the Philippines and Texas to argue that waterboarding has been regarded as torture in American courts:

With Afghanistan falling into ruin, its parliament busies itself with stifling diversity of Islamic religious opinion:

Two lobbyists “accused of passing U.S. secrets to an Israeli official” have argued that Condoleeza “Rice and others can verify their claim that the United States regularly uses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to send back-channel communications to Israel:

Latest public opinion poll shows Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with Bush’s handling of the nation’s challenges, including his failed military adventure in Iraq, and seek regime change at home rather than abroad:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.

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  1. Muslims Against Sharia condemn Afghan parliament and law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest of Ghows Zalmay for the new translation of the Koran into Dari, and demand his immediate release.

    The Afghan constitution enshrines freedom of expression, and Mr. Zalmay’s arrest is unconstitutional.

    Muslims Against Sharia request that NATO commanders and the U.S. State Department diplomats intervene on behalf of Mr. Zalmay and secure his immediate release.

    More than seven hundred coalition troops gave their lives so the people of Afghanistan could enjoy Freedom and Democracy, not to be thrown in jail for expressing their religious views.

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