News and Analysis (5/18/11)

Furious anti-American protesters poured into the streets of a city in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, shouting out objections to an overnight U.S.-led military raid that killed four people, including two women.

In “a familiar twist, last-minute snags appeared to be holding up the deal that would grant Saleh immunity from prosecution, allowing him a dignified exit from power”:

With an American as supreme allied commander in Libya, if Obama continues spending over 3/4 billion dollars there without renewed Congressional authorization, “history will say that the War Powers Act was condemned to a quiet death by a president who had solemnly pledged, on the campaign trail, to put an end to indiscriminate warmaking’:

Najla Hariri, the only known woman to regularly the streets of a Saudi city, attributes her inspiration to flaunt social convention against women drivers to the “Arab spring” and denies that any Saudi law prohibits female drivers:

Speaking anonymously three top Egyptian generals say the revolution “was about the succession of power, Gamal Mubarak, and a lack of social equity — the erosion of a major part of the middle class”:

As al-Assaad admits to “mistakes” and promises to train 4,000 troops to prevent their repetition, Clinton threatens more sanctions to be announced during Obama’s forthcoming Middle East policy speech:

The judge “excused one woman after she admitted being afraid of serving on a terror trial jury. Another man was excused” who “had written on his questionnaire, ‘Terrorists are manly Muslims, or am I wrong?’”:

The journalist detained by Syria for traveling on an expired Iranian passport is now free in Qatar:

A Pakistani news report identifies bin Ladin intimate Saif al-Adel “as having been chosen as ‘interim leader’ of al-Qaida after a meeting at ‘an undisclosed location’”:






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