News and Analysis (5/25/11)

“Congress continues to neuter itself when it comes to our constitutional responsibility…. “We continue to give away more and more of our authority, and I just think it’s wrong”: Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC):

“Let me put it this way: We robbed our own bank” — Ali Tarhouni, the rebels’ U.S.-educated finance minister, who ordered the March heist; should Ben Bernanke issue a rebuttal before American opponents of the Fed follow suite?

As some fear the entry of Muslim fringe groups into politics and others long for the good old days of Mubarak’s police state, the deposed dictator could face the death penalty:

The Saudi woman who asserted there is no Saudi law against women drivers “was arrested at dawn on Sunday and accused of ‘violating public order”” while driving; her brother, a passenger, was also arrested:

The country that complained that holding a CIA agent for murders committed in broad daylight was a violation of diplomatic immunity has the gall to arrest a diplomat’s daughter on charges (false it turns out) of sending obscene e-mails:

Your tax dollars at work: $5,000 paid to discredited “terrorist” turned Evangelical Christian:

Declaring that the only evidence against him is a fabrication, the aging preacher says his prosecution is an American plot to silence him:






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