News and Analysis (5/31/11)

“An American Muslim who was jailed for 16 days under harsh conditions by US counterterrorism agents but never charged with a crime has lost his bid to hold former Attorney General John Ashcroft legally responsible for the ordeal”:

“A prominent Pakistani journalist who investigated links between the military and al-Qaida has been found dead, triggering angry accusations against the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency”:

Will Assad implement the amnesty by shooting down the pardoned?

“The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had previously denied claims by Amnesty International that 18 women detained in March were subjected to virginity checks and threatened with prostitution charges” but now an Egyptian general not only admits “the tests were in fact conducted,” but defends them:

The charge was “driving without a license,” but how can she drive with a license if the government won’t issue her one because of her gender?

“[F]rustrated with their leaders for walking into what they say was a transparent ‘trap’ of confrontation with pro-Palestinian activists” Israelis say they ar planning to avoid botching the aid-scuttling mission this time:

The British spent $115 million on a propaganda movie short that an anti-terrorism expert says “wasn’t really directly challenging the ideology that creates radicalization”:

Webb is at the forefront of a movement to create an American-style Islam, one that is true to the Quran and Islamic law but that reflects this country’s customs and culture:






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