News and Analysis (6/16/11)

The new head of al-Qaeda lacks bin Laden’s charisma, but surpasses his predecessor in the scope of his violent vision, having been the one to convince bin Laden to adopt suicide bombings and to expand their targets to include both the U.S. and Muslims who disagreed with them (whom they branded as apostates) among their targets:

The newsest round of the King hearings “lasted only a few hours—possibly because other than the back-and-forth of ‘are they or aren’t they bad?’—there was almost no empirical evidence to prove that prison radicalization is a credible threat,” and what scraps of evidence were presented are refuted by written testimony to the committee:

“Gaddafi is willing to hold elections and step aside if he lost,” but “Libya has never held elections under Gaddafi and has no elected institutions, so it was not clear what form the proposed vote would take”:

Iran has “said it aims to put a man into orbit within 10 years, despite the expense and technological challenge”:

“The judges ruled Thursday that he had provided support to set up the camp, though he was acquitted of funding terrorism.”  Bashir, who accuses “the US and Australia of  seeking to persecute him” will appeal:






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