News and Analysis (10/31/19)

President Trump praises a military dog that helped corner Al-Bhagdadi, but has, also, used (like a dog)” as an insult:

“The main problem is not with the test itself, but with the fact the test is implying that immigrants have a problem when it comes to our values” — Haroun Bouazzi, of the Association of Muslims and Arabs for Laicity:

Non-Muslims fail to see the orientalist stereotypes and few think “of Jeannie as coming from any particular region religion or place … in the world, even though she is continually visiting Baghdad”:

“A T M Azharul Islam … would become the sixth Islamist leader to be hanged for their role in the war, which saw Bangladesh break away from Pakistan after a nine-month conflict”:

Sanders’ pitches an end the Israel-Palestinian conflict to J Street:

A new film refutes the historical revisionism of “a handful of U.S. and Iranian politicians, academics, think tankers, and pundits who … [aim] to absolve the United States of responsibility for toppling Mosaddeq.:

Iran blamed Washington for the rise of ISIS saying that extremism thrives because of “military-intelligence policies, plundering oil and supporting tyranny”:

Is France’s war on headscarf that divides the country, an attack on freedom?:

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