News and Analysis (6/28/11)

So far the Israeli blockade is succeeding in keeping “Arabic translations of a book about Martin Luther King Jr.” out of the hands of Palestinians …

… but Netanyahu has rescinded a threat to journalists covering the new flotilla, offering to “embed” them into the Israeli perspective:

“As soon as we got there, the officers told us not to shoot at the men carrying guns. They said they [the gunmen] were with us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It had all been lies”:

Don’t taze the animals, Bro! Is stunning really more humane than the swift death of halal/kosher slaughter?

How about if Minnie just wore a headscarf rather than a niqab? Humorless “Salafis” offended by implication that they would force cartoon rodents to adopt conservative Islamic dress:

Palestinian Christians refute the Archbishop of Canterbury’s allegations that anti-Christian Muslim extremism is responsible for the Christian exodus from the holy Land rather than “Jewish and Western Christian Zionists” who “have more military power and clout to uproot all Palestinian presence both Christian and Muslim from our homeland”:

When a missile with a range of only 2,000 kilometers can hit a target of country thousands of miles away, that suggests the latter country is overextending its military:

With Benghazi hospitals focused on emergency cases–usually militants suffering gunshot wounds, there are no resources for the suffering civilian population; parents are sent to Egypt to obtain drugs for their children:


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