News and Analysis (11/2/19)

Israel invested in facial recognition software used to watch Palestinian all over the West Bank …

… “[i]t’s possible to scrape the biographical data of thousands of Palestinians from an exposed server”:

The US government equates anti-Israel apartheid with anti-Semitism but the Illinois Student Government condemns such equation as racism:

Appointment of the Kuwait ambassador to Palestine is an assertion of the Palestinians’ right to an independent state:

The US sanctions are blocking life-saving medicine and endangering the lives of Iranians:

“Throughout the Holocaust, Muslims engaged with Jews and helped them seek refuge from persecution”:

One veteran of the revolution declares, “[I]f we had been allowed to criticize [the Revolution], we wouldn’t have so much embezzlement, theft and betrayal” …

… while another disputes “a revisionist history now being offered … [that] Iran’s Revolutionary Guard … directed the attack, insisting all the blame rested with the Islamist students who let the crisis spin out of control” …

The annual gala of the Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is uniting Americans of all backgrounds for social cohesion, promoting inclusion and celebrating heritage:

For Palestinians, the Al Wihdat Soccer Team playing at the refugee camp is literally a reminder of dispossession, and of the 1956 catastrophe in which 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes:

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