News and Analysis (11/4/19)

It’s a chilling echo of Hindutva’s Ties to Europe’s Fascists in the 1930s:

“Ahead of the Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya land dispute, prominent Muslim organisations met to appeal for peace and harmony irrespective of the outcome of the judgment”:

Erdogan wants to resettle Arab Syrian refugees now in Turkey in the areas from which he is driving out the Kurds, but with Assad’s forces moving in with Russian support, “few refugees are likely to go back willingly”:

A Kashmiri novelist says that Islamic “discourse has taught him that one can be a good Muslim by valuing human life”:

Rouhani proposed uniting “all regional countries in a pledge of non-aggression and non-interference in each others’ affairs … after a string of mysterious attacks on oil tankers …. and Saudi oil installations”…

… and diplomatic consultations between Iran and the Saudis yields the release of fishermen captured last December “after their fishing boat landed in Saudi Arabia’s territorial waters due to bad weather conditions”:

NY police are investigating the mysterious death of a volunteer at a domestic violence shelter who when she was seventeen sparked “a minor melee” after being refused admission “on a ride because of her hijab”:

Forty years after Iranian students seized the U.S. embassy, some ex-hostages want better relations and some want “maximum pressure” but none are optimistic for “we are hostages to our own history” …

… while in Iraq protesters attack an Iranian consulate, replacing Iranian flags with Iraqi flags and spray-painting “Karbala is free, Iran out, out!”:

At the book fair in the UAE, everything the “American comedian and television personality Steve Harvey … said about faith, religious tolerance, and hard work was greeted with loud cheers and thunderous applause”:

“Police forces and intelligence agents raided Hidmi’s home in Jerusalem and took him into custody, the source said on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media”:

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