News and Analysis (8/17/11)

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a force of around 700 security personnel fanned across al-Raml, with houses being demolished in the neighborhood “on the pretext they lacked construction permits”:

China calls the Financial Times report “baseless and preposterous”:

The “proposed referendum would ask whether the tiny island nation’s government should be elected or remain appointed by the leaders”

“Libyan rebels, who are battling Qaddafi’s forces for control of the country’s last functioning oil refinery, say they’ll be in Tripoli by the end of August”:

“The 47-page indictment does not explicitly state how any of the accused, Mustafa Badreddine, Salim Ayyash, Assad Sabra, or Hussein Oneissi, were linked to the [phone] networks”:

“We are extremely distressed to know that over 10,000 people received military rules against them in the past six month and we demand that they get re-tried in front a civil court” — Mahmoud Ezzat, Deputy MB head:







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