News and Analysis (11/7/19)

Against all odds, Iran economy defies US economic pressure and survives sanctions:

Rouhani reiterates that Iran can’t unilaterally fulfill the 2015 agreement:

Can Europe evade sanctions to save its billions of dollars worth of trade with Iran?

Kuwait confirmed it has passed on a message but “until now no answer has emerged” although both Saudi Arabia and Iran have previously said they prefer a political solution for the regional conflict:

Montgomery County’s Board of Education voted unanimously for no AP testing on Eid:

Interfaith conference brings college students together to start dialogue between people of different background:

Apan-Muslim organization secretary-general meets with other religious leaders in Utah in an effort to work on a common objectives of global peace and harmony:

The first elected Muslim-American to Virginia Senate is a sign of the rise of the reform and progressive movement in the US:

ASU is encouraging student clubs to sign a BDS resolution to condemn human rights violations by Israel:

“Andy Levin says he was enraged at sight of water supply to illegal Jewish outpost, as Palestinian villagers remain without access”:

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