News and Analysis (8/29/11)

“And do not … eat up wrongfully and knowingly … (other) people’s property” (Qur’an 2:188); Turkey’s Islamic government moves to rectify the injustice of Turkey’s Kemalist founders who seized non-Muslim minorities’ immovable property through the “1936 Declaration”:

An in-depth investigation shows that Islamophobia is the product of “a small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts,” a “spreading of hate and misinformation [that] primarily starts with five key people and their organizations, which are sustained by funding from a clutch of key foundations”:

Calling the move to turn lecturers, chaplains and porters into informants “morally repugnant”  a college students’ union president asks after “the recent massacre in Norway, why are Prevent not also telling us to refer on students who have an irrational hatred of Islam?”:

The list of potential beneficiaries of a Palestinian-Israeli war includes Syria’s Bashar Assad:

Like pre-war Libya–or Syria?

Developments in Libya:


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