News and Analysis (11/10/19)

“India’s top court allows Hindus to build temple on disputed holy site while promising Muslims land elsewhere for mosque” …

… while in Jammu and Kashmir, authorities have added a processions celebrating Prophet Mohammad’s birthday to their list of prohibited religious activities and postponed student exams without explanation:

The children’s mother “told a social worker the council ‘don’t like Muslims, they don’t want Muslim kids to be raised as Muslims by Muslim parents'”:

Minnesota anti-Islamic speaker would be disturbing to the effort of becoming a community of diversity and multi-nationalism, contends a concerned group:

Saint-Michel’s Muslim community is observing National Aboriginal Day to honor indigenous contribution to military service:

“Jews stand with Muslims” to fight bigotry:

Because of Trump Muslim Travel ban and the consequence shortage of scholars and imams from Muslim countries, mosques in the US need to train religious leaders:

“I’m so glad I have colleagues like you who can educate me even after my 30 years of experience of work in race relations. Thousand apologies sir” — Lady Warsi:

As Israeli border police renege on their “deal to stay away from schools during the day” …

… Israel’s plan for cable-car shuttle to a holy site will cause an “irreversible damage to the historic city” and tighten Israel’s hold over Jerusalem:

Iran calls the accusations an Israeli “trap” and hopes that “the IAEA will maintain its vigilance”:

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