News and Analysis (9/13/11)

“‘Freedom and democracy and human rights must be a united slogan for the future of our people,’ Erdogan told an audience of Arab foreign ministers and millions more watching on television across the region. ‘The legitimate demands of the people cannot be repressed with force and in blood’” …

… “What I can say is that we are committed to four things: Protecting the rights and honor of the Turkish people, stopping Israel from disregarding international treaties and customs, implementation of Turkish demands through international tribunals, and ending the blockade on Gaza” — Erdogan:

“In 2007, Kimathi uncovered the arrest of dozens of terror suspects in Kenya after the fall of an Islamist administration in Somalia. An investigation by The Associated Press found those suspects were flown to Ethiopia and some were questioned by American agents. Most have since been released without charge”:

Mustafa Abdul Jalil outlined his plans to create a modern democratic state based on ‘moderate Islam.‘” ”Libya is big enough for everyone. We are Muslim, forgiving people,’ [he] told a cheering and chanting crowd … on the same day that Amnesty International accused rebel fighters of unlawful killings and torture during nearly seven months of war”:

For years Iran has claimed it’s nuclear program was aimed at the development of nuclear power, and now to the great consternation of its Western critics, it opens a nuclear power plant:

It seems the two hikers may be released soon, but it is unclear whether it will be because of a pardon by Ahmadinejad or a release on $500,000 bail pending appeal:

At least 9 have been killed and 23 wounded “in the biggest assault the insurgent group has mounted on the Afghan capital”:

E-rumors turned a simple traffic accident into an explosion of sectarian violence; “Communications also plays a major role both causing and in solving the problem” — Sydney Jones, International Crisis Group senior analyst:

“The spiraling total of detainee deaths together with the Syrian authorities’ failure to conduct any independent investigations points to a pattern of systematic, government-sanctioned abuse in which every detainee must be considered at serious risk” — Philip Luther, Amnesty International:






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