News and Analysis (9/16/11)

Embarrassed by an expose in Wired, “[t]he FBI on Thursday said it had stopped a training session that called the Prophet Muhammad a ‘cult leader,’ said mainstream Muslims were likely to support violent extremism and described the Islamic principal of charity as a ‘funding mechanism for combat’”:

With the Palestinians intent on submitting their declaration of independence to the U.N., can Tony Blair’s delaying tactics save Israel from having charges of war crimes heard before the ICC, the logical aftermath recognition of Palestinian statehood?

“As a rule, radical Muslim voices in France are rare, but” the “driving [of] thousands of Muslim worshippers in northern Paris into a makeshift prayer site in a disused fire brigade barracks”  for this Friday’s prayers “drew a small but angry protest from a radical minority more often seen in online posts”:

The city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission agreed to give cabbies who own their vehicles absolute veto power on the content of ads on their cars — delighting scores of modest hacks of various faiths who had fought hard for the rule overhaul:

After downloading “‘the Al Qaeda Training Manual’ for a PhD study into counter-terrorism at the University of Nottingham” in 2008, “Mr Sabir was held in police custody for a week and then released without charge”:

Kurds accuse Turkey of betrayal; Erdogan has no comment; “defector” denies Syrian culpability for civilian deaths, blames Islamists:

Developments in Libya:






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