News and Analysis (9/19/11)

Uri Avnery “wrote recently that when he saw some anti-Muslim German blogs, he was ‘shocked to the core. These outpourings are almost verbatim copies of the diatribes of Joseph Goebbels,’ the propaganda minister for Hitler. ‘The same rabble-rousing slogans. The same base allegations. The same demonization’”:

“[I]n this new battlefield of perception that has emerged since Sept. 11 — where ammunition consists of past associations, loaded words and fear — there is seldom space for nuance”:

As world attention turns to the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN, Abbas won’t say what he will do if (when) the US vetoes, Israel threatens to keep Palestinian tax money for itself:

If Netanyahu buys a copy of my book does that mean I’m working for him? BBC says “buying the rights to independent films” is a common practice that implies no formal or informal connection between them and the film-makers:

As “Qaddafi loyalists hold tight to strongholds of Bani Walid and Sirte,” Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim makes the unverified claim “that foreign security personnel had been captured in the battle for the pro-Gaddafi bastion Bani Walid”:

“Despite a sharp rise in the number of night raids, there have been no benefits in the form of decreased insurgent attacks, and anger over the operations has continued to mount among Afghan civilians, found the report by the Open Society Foundations and The Liaison Office, a research and analysis group in Kabul”:

“The chairman of the Sri Lanka Muslim Council … said Muslims and Sinhalese Buddhists lived peacefully together, but that ‘unknown groups’ had been trying to create problems between them”:

On a bus ride to Amman to attend a Lebanese band concert, a “Mizrahi (Sepahredic)”  Jew from Haifa has an epiphany that bredaks through a lifetime of Isreali propaganda:

“The rebels have been angered after Saleh deputised the vice-president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, last week to negotiate further on a Gulf-mediated, US-backed deal under which the president would step down in return for immunity from prosecution. Saleh has already backed away three times from signing the deal”:

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