News and Analysis (9/21/11)

As “Obama tries to derail [the] Palestinian U.N. bid,” local and international activists are “setting up neighborhood watch patrols to monitor” and document settler aggression against the indigenous people:

Ahmadinejad is at playing at two chess boards at once in the timing of the hikers’ release, maneuvering for position at the UN while avoiding a sacrifice in his political struggle with the mullahs at home; hikers and their families are just glad they are free:

Is the assassination of Rabbani the precursor to a civil war? The Taliban are keeping uncharacteristically silent:

“The way the Turkish and Chechen media tell the story, the circumstances surrounding the deaths of three suspected Chechen militants, possibly at the hands of a Russian spy, in Istanbul last week read more like the latest Jason Bourne screenplay than any run-of-the-mill homicide — and, according to a Russian official, are just as fantastic”:

The NYPD claims “it has established its own internal review committee to determine whether prior evidence or indications existed that anyone under surveillance had been planning to break the law. But this is hardly an independent committee. It reportedly consists of Police Intelligence head David Cohen, the former CIA spook and current NYPD spy mastermind”:

“Kergaye’s uniform might look different compared to her teammates, but state athletic directors say uniform accommodations are built into the rules for every sport in order to protect religious expression”:

“tens of thousands of men, women and children stood in silence. The crowd had gathered to mourn the deaths of 83 protesters, shot dead by Yemeni security services over the past three days. It was the worst bout of violence in the eight-month uprising”:

Now with at least one 9/11 family member” on its advisory board, the once controversial Park51 project is quietly open for business:

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