News and Analysis (9/24/11)

Abbas gets political capital among Palestinians and a “rousing ovation” at the UN while Netanyahu gets a cool reaction and Hamas mimics Israel in banning pro-statehood demonstrations:

The “dean of the UC Irvine School of Law, agreed with the university’s punishment noting that speech used to squelch another’s First Amendment right is not constitutionally protected. But he and others were critical of Rackauckas bringing criminal charges as “‘unnecessarily divisive,” saying, “Now this keeps it an open wound”:

Mr. Reeve has Constitutional right to make remarks offensive to religious minority, even in a Council session; and American Muslims have the right to use the ballot box to make sure he never serves in any elective office again:

The CIA’s apology “doesn’t explain how or why the decision to pull the advertising package was made, [but Arab American News editor Osama] Siblani says he’s turning the other cheek in the name of national security”:

“’s blog Danger Room, which first reported about the trainer, said that it has also found a second instance in June of an FBI employee delivering a lecture filled with anti-Muslim bias” and urging the FBI target not limit itself to concern with violent actors but to target the holy texts of Islam:

Bigots may find this counter-intuitive, but:

The “resolution calling on all Middle East states to adopt the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in an indirect demand on Israel, the only country in the region not bound by the treaty”:

With 12,000 in attendance, the “message is primarily aimed at people who are on the edge of being radicalized not those who had already been ‘brainwashed'”:



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