News and Analysis (11/12/19)

The complexity of Israeli occupation leaves a loophole that forces Jerusalem’s Palestinians to live in an undesirable district to avoid chosing between leaving their loved ones or losing their residency status …

… Dr. Muhathir says Israel is the only country in history to “set up a settlement in another country and did not allow the host country to even enter the settlements – but … the world stood by and did nothing” …

… “By erasing the context of the occupation, Shaheed’s report perversely manages to present Palestinians as the abusers of human rights rather than the abused”:

Schumer is attacked for praising’s King “principled” approach of anti-Muslim fearmongering, division, and bigotry:

Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear agreement leaves them free to advance their nuclear program without violating the nonproliferation agreement while n no way impeding their regional ambitions:

The resumption of rail service is a crack in the wall of the ongoing repression of Kashmir, as Britain’s Labour Party retreats into indifference:

Muslim Students Association at Penn demands their religious space for the spiritual practices and community reach out:

“Long before the bitter Babri Masjid-Ram temple issue began to cause social fissures and trigger sectarian violence in India, Muslim rulers of Avadh region built, patronised and protected Hindu temples”:

“Muslim women are often silenced by their own communities or face Islamophobic stereotypes from outside agencies when they try to seek help”:

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